New England Jr Hurricanes
        Tryout Dates for 2013-14 Season
              **** ALL LEVELS****
                              April 8th @ 6:15PM
            @Hyannis Youth & Community Center

05/06 (all)                 Sun, Mar 17 @ 6pm  +  Mon, Mar 25 @ 6:15pm
'03/'04 (only)           Wed, Mar 13 @ 4:40pm  + Wed,Mar 20 @ 4:40pm (80 min ea)
'02 (all) + '01 (new)   Wed,Mar 13@6pm  +  Sun Mar 17@7pm +  Wed,Mar 20@6pm
'01 Returning (only)  Wed,Mar 13@7pm  +  Sun,Mar 17 @8pm +  Wed,Mar 20@7pm
'99/'00 (all)           Wed,Mar 13@8pm + Tues, Mar 19 @ 8:10pm + Wed,Mar 20@8pm
U16 & U18 (together)   Wed, Mar 13 @ 9pm  +  U16 Fri Mar 22 @ 7pm or U18 @ 8pm

Next year's teams will be '05/'06AAA, '03/'04AAA, '01/'02AAA, '01/'02 Div 2 AAA,
'99/'00AAA (full season) U16 (half season), U18 (half season). We invite all
positional players including goalies to our tryouts. Tryout fee is NOW FREE for
MITES!!!!. All tryouts will take place at the Hyannis Youth & Community Center in
Hyannis.                                           Go to
for more information. Registration forms also available at the Hyannis Youth &
Community Center.
The goal of the organization is to develop well-rounded student athletes through
individual and team skill building and combine that with a sense of accountability both
on and off the ice, and most importantly, in the classroom.  Additionally, the New
England Jr. Hurricanes organization's mission is to prepare the student athlete for
high school hockey and beyond through strong organizational programs, structure,
intense competitive training and academic support.