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With over 35 years of coaching experience, Paul Sherbertes, the owner and co-founder of Top Shelf Hockey School since 1999, brings a profound passion for hockey. Paul's extensive background spans every facet of the sport, from coaching children aged 6 to 18 across various skill levels, from A to Elite, to serving as the Owner and General Manager of the New England Junior Hurricanes Elite Hockey Organization from 2002 to 2016. Currently, he serves as the co-owner of the East Coast Thunder Hockey Club. His dedication and expertise have made him a fixture in the hockey community.

Paul's commitment to the sport extends beyond the rink. As an assistant hockey trainer with the Atlantic Coast Hockey League and continuing his 14-year tenure coaching D1 hockey JV and Varsity at Barnstable High School, his love for the game is evident. Moreover, Paul has taken strides in youth hockey development, establishing off-the-ice training programs to nurture young talent.

Top Shelf Hockey School embodies Paul's dedication to hockey excellence. Our team of experienced coaches shares his passion, offering comprehensive summer, spring, and winter programs aimed at enhancing players' skills and knowledge.

Players at Top Shelf receive personalized attention and expert guidance to refine their skating, stickhandling, and shooting abilities. Our emphasis on scoring proficiency sets us apart, with specially designed drills aimed at optimizing players' scoring potential.

Recognizing the importance of specialized goalie training, Top Shelf ensures that goalkeepers receive dedicated coaching to hone their skills and technique, contributing effectively to their team's success.

In addition to skill development, our programs focus on improving players' overall hockey IQ, covering essential aspects such as power skating, conditioning, and game awareness.

At Top Shelf Hockey School, we provide a unique opportunity for young athletes to refine their skills, build confidence, and reach their full potential on the ice. Whether aspiring to become elite goal scorers or well-rounded team players, participants emerge equipped with the tools and knowledge to excel in their hockey journey.




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